Michigan's Sweetheart


Almost ten years since her last solo album, Carrie McFerrin’s new release “Postpartum” pulls the curtain back and shines a light on underdiscussed maternal mental health. Her preeminent and most honest work to date, McFerrin explores the bittersweet joy of parenting, changing relationships, and the raw reality of raising a special needs child. Recorded at Michigan-renowned studios La Luna Recording & Sound and Second Story Sound, Carrie plans to celebrate this album and share it with her community Mother’s Day weekend at Bell’s Eccentric Café with the full cast of players on the album:


Justin Wierenga: Lead Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar

Timothy McKay: Bass

Michael Shimmin: Percussion

Mike Lynch: Keys

Jordan Hamilton: Cello

Jason Wheeler: Mandolin


McFerrin was honored to welcome Kalamazoo favorite, Brian Koenigsknecht to co-write and record standout song “Big Adventure,” and Brian also lent his velvety vocal stylings to the heart-wrenching dirge “Lonely & Blue.” Two songs on the compilation feature carefully crafted, full choral arrangements and Carrie is excited to bring this element to the live show to include steadfast singers Laurie Laing, Chad Wedeven, Dan Lauterbur, Jennifer Evenstar, Brian Koenigsknecht, Grace Gheen, and more.


Please join Carrie McFerrin Friday, May 6th for this special seated show at Bell’s Eccentric Café in Kalamazoo, MI to honor her long-awaited album, “Postpartum.” Award-winning cellist, Jordan Hamilton will open the show.