Michigan's Sweetheart


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Almost ten years since her last solo album, Carrie McFerrin’s new release “Postpartum” pulls the curtain back and shines a light on underdiscussed maternal mental health. Her preeminent and most honest work to date, McFerrin explores the bittersweet joy of parenting, changing relationships, and the raw reality of raising a special needs child. Recorded at Michigan-renowned studios La Luna Recording & Sound and Second Story Sound.

McFerrin was honored to welcome Kalamazoo favorite, Brian Koenigsknecht to co-write and record standout song “Big Adventure,” and Brian also lent his velvety vocal stylings to the heart-wrenching dirge “Lonely & Blue.” Two songs on the compilation feature carefully crafted, full choral arrangements and include steadfast singers Laurie Laing, Chad Wedeven, Dan Lauterbur, Jennifer Evenstar, Brian Koenigsknecht, and Carrie herself.